Become A Happier, Healthier Healer

Go From Buried & Burned Out To Balanced, Empowered & Energized—By A Healthcare Provider,

For Healthcare Providers

Dear Fellow Physicians, PA’s, NP’s and Healthcare Providers,

If you want to end the perpetual cycle of too much work and too little life and go from buried and burnt out to balanced, empowered, and energized—then this is for you.

As you know by now, the healthcare industry does not take care of its caregivers’ own health.

That is a shame. Because if there is one thing I have learned after 20+ years in healthcare, it is this:

The care you give is only as good as your self-care.

When we have boundaries, bandwidth, strong relationships, and energy to spare, then we are capable of providing the best care possible.

That also means when our bodies and minds are drained, the care we give is compromised.

Because of the often toxic and demanding culture around us, we push ourselves to work longer and harder, while giving up sleep, self-care, exercise, family time, rejuvenation, and any semblance of work-life balance…

…ultimately prioritizing our career and our patients at the expense of our friends, families, happiness, and health.

Unfortunately, that is the norm. The expectation, if you will.

I am an M.D. Therefore, I understand.

I learned all of this the hard way—as do so many others in our noble profession.

As have you, perhaps.

But you do not have to continue learning the hard way.

I am not the only one that has turned to typical remedies like self-help books and other solutions made for the general population in hope of overcoming the reality that “work-life balance” for us is all work and no life.

Most of them fall short, however, because they fail to understand the culture and specific demands of healthcare…

…a culture where therapy is stigmatized, self-care is not incentivized, and addictive “quick fixes” like alcohol, retail therapy, and other vices can feel like the only available outlets.

I understand that it can be a daunting task to try to end burnout, establish boundaries, and take back control of your life on your own—I really do, because I went through it myself.

That is why I created this program specifically for clinicians: a life-and-career-changing self-care solution by a healthcare provider, for healthcare providers.

In fact, all of the above—the toxic culture … the extraordinary pressure and stress … the failing relationships and lack of boundaries … and the limited solutions—is exactly why I started ‘The Happier, Healthier Healer’ program.

I’m here to help you finally end the cycle of stress and anxiety and achieve balance, boundaries, and better relationships—without letting your career suffer.

I have worked with dozens of clinicians to help them rediscover the joy in their career, remind them why they became a healthcare provider in the first place, and restore their energy and zeal for this selfless profession.

(I’ve included a few of their stories at the end of this letter so you can see exactly what they’ve experienced working with me)

And in achieving all of that, do you know what else these determined people became?

Even better healers.

Like I said: the care you give is only as good as your self-care.

It turns out that being energized, taking care of yourself, having work-life balance, and simply enjoying your work again makes you a pretty amazing healthcare professional and person.

This is your chance to wake up everyday as that amazing healthcare professional. The one that motivated you through your training and education. The one that got lost somewhere in the long hours, perpetual stress, and sleepless nights. The one you always wanted to (and still want to) be.

That person is still there, waiting for you.

Now before I share stories of other clinicians I’ve worked with, here is just a sample of the burnout-ending, balance-building strategies we are going to leverage together to bring out the happier, healthier healer in you:

Establish Boundaries, Shrink Your Plate

& Feel the Relief of “No” To Create Control, Time & Balance

  • Discover how to set the right priorities, eliminate unnecessary tasks and finally stop the never-ending cycle of over-commitment, exhaustion, and burnout—without feeling guilty about what you cut out.

  • How to effectively establish boundaries that block burnout and create and maintain balance in your schedule—without overlooking your responsibilities or diminishing the quality of your care.

  • “Triage” your schedule to minimize chaos and create “white space” that eliminates over-commitment and opens up time in your day that you never had before (it could be minutes some days—and full hours on others).

  • Master new and effective techniques to set clear, meaningful priorities and stick to them so you stay on task and accomplish your goals faster and on time.

  • “No” is an instrument of integrity that is especially true in our line of work. Understand the profound power of “no” and how to leverage it , without feeling shame, or guilt.

  • Freeing up a few minutes here and there is one thing, but together we’ll build a sustainable schedule that achieves the impossible: Long-term balance you always thought was reserved for those with non-medical careers.

  • You want the best outcomes for your patients and I want the best for you: Together we will measure your progress so you see exactly how much time you save and create in your schedule to give you more balance, peace, happiness, and harmony.

  • Have you ever considered the true cost of every item on your schedule? Identify how much time you lose on non-essential tasks , so you can objectively decide what is worth prioritizing with absolute confidence.

Energize Your Body, Mind And Mood To Re-Energize Your Life & Minimize Worry, Anxiety & Exhaustion

If you want to provide the best care to others, you need to provide the best care to yourself. Tap into a trove of practical and proven nutrition-improving, fitness-boosting, burnout-beating tools, habits and routines that inject energy back into your life.

  • Foods that fuel your body and brain in a pinch so you stay energized and sharp in a workplace where breaks don't currently exist.

  • You and I both know physical health is a priority; even though (or because) we're on our feet all day, our physical and mental health suffer. Boost your health, energy, stamina and mood with ‘10-minute tune-ups’ before and after work—and even between patients.

  • The care you give is only as good as your self-care. Discover an invaluable collection of self-care habits and routines that fit into any schedule to help you relieve stress and find calm, comfort and peace.
  • The ‘All-Day Energy Planner’ systematically builds energy-boosting practices and “pit-stops” into your day to help you eliminate crashes, fatigue and exhaustion—without getting in the way of your work.

  • Overcome habits and dependencies that are stealing time and hurting your energy and replace them with healthy rituals that save you time and improve your overall well being.

  • “Moods are perfect barometers of physiological and psychological functioning.” Take it from an Oxford professor—your mood matters. Discover precise and personalized action steps to improve your mood (and everything along with it).

  • Do you constantly feel stressed? The Harvard Business Review found that deep breathing is the most effective stress-relief technique for both immediate and long-term stress reduction. Discover quick, simple and proven breathing exercises to relax your mind and find relief even in the midst of work chaos.

  • Expand your mindfulness and wellness practices with physician-friendly tools including ‘The Energy Accelerator Prescription,’ my no. 1 anti-stress book, helpful apps and other practical resources to boost your performance and happiness.

  • The ideal morning routine to find peace, calm and clarity before your day begins; this will get you excited to go to work and "prime" you to feel and perform your best.

  • How to schedule breaks into your day without feeling guilty, leaving your patients or team hanging, or falling behind (and what to do during those breaks to make the absolute most of them).

Empower Others To

Improve Yourself

Systemize your life in and out of the workplace so you and your team can provide more focused, attentive and higher-quality care and you can take time back to focus on your life away from work.

  • Stop unintentionally enabling your team and start empowering them; pinpoint where you’re going wrong (and how to get it right) so your team supports you better and performs their best.

  • Worried about key tasks slipping or small mistakes in your charts if you delegate your work? I’ll help you harness the power of supporting your team’s success and letting go—without seeing a drop in quality.

  • Optimize team performance so your coworkers can go from codependent to independent and get more done with less help from you. According to top behavioral statistician Joseph Folkman, empowered employees can be up to 67% percent more willing to put in extra effort at work.

  • Discover how to strategically avoid and eliminate interruptions, unnecessary meetings and time-wasting messages.

  • Create and implement sustainable systems for efficiency and effectiveness at work and at home that will open up your schedule and keep it that way.

  • Use my ‘Automate Your Life System’ to put time-stealing tasks at work and home—like requesting authorizations, updating EMRs and even preparing dinner—almost entirely on auto-pilot.

  • Accountability helps your people stay empowered: Discover simple and effective ways to keep them on track and ensure the time you reclaimed stays in your hands.

  • Pinpoint exactly where your team can step up, efficiently distribute workload and stop solving everyone else’s problems to take work off of your plate with my ‘Team Performance Optimizer.’

Reset, Repair, & Restore Your Relationships

And Never Let Your Career Get In The Way Again

Here’s just one of many examples of how our relationships go through the ringer: 57% of healthcare professionals have been through at least one divorce. I'll help you mend broken or struggling relationships, use time more intentionally and begin prioritizing the people that matter most, so you don’t miss out on the important things again.

  • How to become fully present so that every second you spend with loved ones rebuilds your relationship and grows it to be stronger than ever.

  • Uncover the best way to communicate with those around you (and how they can best communicate with you). This will rebuild your relationships in the healthiest way possible by tailoring your approach to the needs of others.

  • How much has your career cost your relationships? Learn where and how past choices have negatively affected the people in your life, and how to make better choices to heal and strengthen strained relationships now.

  • Create a personalized roadmap guiding you to successful and rewarding relationships.

  • Don’t miss out on time with your loved ones again: how to re-prioritize your time and build a sustainable social schedule based on your new outlook—who needs more, who needs less and even when you should take time off.

  • Constructing your support system: The pros and cons of counseling, coaching and additional physician-friendly support resources that 40% of clinicians have never considered

  • How to take responsibility for your relationships, commit to change and apologize the right way—so you can avoid repeating the same problem behaviors and patterns.
  • Oliver Sacks said: “There is only one cardinal rule: one must always listen to the patient.” Well, one must also always listen to their loved ones. I will teach you how best to listen, accept input and appreciate the people giving it to you to build rock-solid relationships, new and old.

What You Get

When You Enroll Today

  • Lifetime Access to Learning Portal (Value $1,500)

  • 12 Private, 1:1 Coaching Calls (Value $5,000)

  • Customized Ideal Clinician Morning Routine (Value $500)

  • Time-Saving Systems For Efficiency, Effectiveness, & Focus (Value $1,000)

  • Social Connections in the Happy, Healthy Healer Community (Priceless)

  • Discounts and first access to retreats and live events (Over $500)

Total Value: over $8,500

Today’s Price: $4,997

or 3-pay: $1800

When you add it all up, the total value of the stress-busting, balance-achieving strategies and solutions in my ‘Happier Healthier Healer Program’ is over $7,500…

But you are only paying a fraction of it.

Let me ask you a question:

What price do you put on your happiness? Health?

I am a realistic person. There may be a price that is too steep, that might cause you more angst than relief. But consider this:

You are already paying that price.

Because the truth is, whatever you do right now to stave off stress and anxiety in the short term and make up for all the sleep you’ve missed and opportunities you’ve missed out on—that all adds up to a cost.

It is a cost that you have been paying for years, and will only keep growing in the future. One that you may never truly pay off, if nothing changes.

I cannot put a price on that for you, but I imagine it equates to even more than the $8,500+ value of this opportunity.

Now here is a specific number for you, a one-time payment that secures your path to less stress, better relationships, happiness and health, and stops the excessive expenses that are taking a toll on you now: $5,000.

That is what you will pay for over $8,500 in self-care tips, tools, and dedicated coaching.

A small number when compared to the $17,000+ cost of divorce … $10,000 per year cost of major depression … and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that a full career change would cost—all of which, unfortunately, are potential outcomes if you continue to let your healthcare career control you and your life.

To me, the choice is clear for those who are serious about ending burnout, regaining balance, and taking back control of their life and career.

But you are my fellow healthcare professional, and more than anything I am here to look out for you.

So here is what I will do for you:

The moment you qualify, you will be backed by my ‘Happier & Healthier Guarantee.’

As a fellow clinician, I understand that your time, effort, and money are far more valuable than numbers could ever indicate.

That is why I built a program that works specifically for people like you and me who day in and day out face unique challenges that take a unique toll on us and require a unique solution.

You have what it takes—you made it through med school or similar training and have had a successful career, after all.

All I ask is that you give the same effort in working with me to make that career, and the rest of your life, happier and healthier.

If you are ready to take this singular opportunity to become a happier, healthier healer, I know that I can get you there.

In fact, I guarantee it.

If for some reason upon completion of the program you feel like you did not get the results I’ve promised, you have two choices:

1 - I will personally continue to work with you after you’ve completed the program, for as long as it takes to get you happier and healthier, at no cost to you.

And if you know me, you know I will not rest until that is achieved. I won’t leave you behind.


2 - I will buy you, with my own money, another support program of equal cost that you feel would deliver better.

To be honest, there is nothing else like this out there… you would very likely be settling for a more mainstream program that is not tailored to our profession—nor led by a physician who understands what you are going through.

But either way, I will pay, and we will shake hands and go our separate ways with no ill feelings.

That’s how confident I am in this… and that’s why I’m offering this rare guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve read this far and you are still on the fence, then let me lay it out plainly…

…these are your options:

1- Do nothing; I am not here to force you into anything. You already know the cost of doing nothing because you see how it impacts you and our colleagues every day. Plus, I’ve already shared the statistics around divorce, depression, and more: Just know, nothing will change if you don’t change.

That’s why standing still is the fastest way to go backwards…

2 - Rely on typical solutions such as self-help books, events, and retreats; These didn’t work for me and they don’t work for others because they are not tailored to the unique demands and culture of healthcare or supply the ongoing support you need to succeed. Remember, learning and applying are two very different things and long term change will only occur when you implement the appropriate changes consistently. Sporadic efforts simply don’t work.

What typical, mainstream resources teach rarely apply to us…

3 - Do it yourself; If you knew how to effectively set boundaries and create balance, I imagine you would not have read this far. Harvard studies show supportive relationships allow us to live happier and healthier longer. To me, that shows the power of investing in the right support, right now.

If you had unlimited time, resources, and energy, I imagine you could find ways to eventually regain your health and happiness in this industry. But we both know, your time, energy, and patience is finite. And every passing day only makes your situation more difficult…


4 - We have a conversation. I’ll absorb the cost and we will connect in private. We will use our time together to discuss your situation, your ideal work and home life, and determine if ‘The Happier Healthier Healer’ program is right for you. If it is, you will lock in my best rate and have time to make a decision. No aggressive pitch, pressure, or strings attached. If not, I will do what I can to point you in the right direction.

Ultimately, I’m here to guide you—not sell you…

Don’t waste another second sacrificing more of yourself than you need to—click the button below to book your free ‘Healthy Healer Strategy Call’ now to get support.

The last thing you want to do is wake up years from now and realize that you are just as stressed and unhappy as you are today; and that you had the chance to change it.

Erin Hurley, MD

Certified High Performance Coach

The Transformational Doc

P.S. Meet the incredible clinicians I promised I’d introduce you to:

First, Rashanda...

Dr. Rashanda B. enjoys practicing again.

Doesn’t that sound like such a simple goal?

But think about it: when was the last time you really enjoyed your work?

Rashanda overcame burnout caused by a lack of boundaries, cramming in patients all day and taking calls and doing admin at night (an example I hear all the time).

I was able to help her (in her words), “do what I love without feeling like I’m giving too much of myself” and reclaim her ideal work/life balance.

Imagine the relief she feels now, being able to put in an amazing day of work, then go home and spend quality time with the people that matter most.

Next, there’s Dr. Caitlin V., who wanted to find a different kind of balance.

Caitlin was also suffering from burnout, and wanted to turn things around.

But she didn’t just want to get over her stress & anxiety—she also wanted to get healthier and “increase [her] overall performance as a physician, mother, and wife.”

Compared to Rashanda, that may seem like a bigger ask…

…but we are doing it.

Caitlin learned that developing balance and achieving higher performance requires prioritizing her own self-care…

...which is something we are not taught in med school nor residency.

And yes, she is a high-performing physician, mother, and wife—and growing better every day.

These are just two out of dozens of examples of clinicians who broke free from their current, untenable situation with my help.

And the first person whose life I was able to re-balance? Me. I have been in your shoes, too (and will share more of my own story when we connect).

Now here’s the thing. These two inspiring clinicians—and all the rest including me—have one thing in common:

Instead of staying trapped in their current cycle of burnout and fatigue, they took action.

And you can too.

You cannot keep living like this—and you do not have to.

Don’t wait to rediscover your happiness and health and become the better, balanced healer you can be.

What are you waiting for?

This could be the moment you look back on and think, “That is when it all turned around for me.”

Book your spot in this limited coaching program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ‘The Healthy Healer Program’?

A: The Healthy Healer Program is a personalized self-care and coaching program built to help you overcome burnout and stress, rebuild relationships, and achieve work-life balance so you can finally be the best professional and person you can be. As a physician myself, I’ve tailor-made this program to serve you and be applicable and practical to all healthcare professionals.

Q: How do I access ‘The Healthy Healer Program’?

A: Before you join, let’s connect to ensure this is the right fit for both of us. See if you qualify by booking a free Healthy Healer Strategy Call with me here. If and when we move forward, you will get instant access to a private and password-protected online learning portal with proven resources to guide you, as well as personalized coaching and support, and your free ticket to our live retreat.

Q: How do I know this is a good investment?

A: The Healthy Healer Program is uniquely designed by a healthcare provider, for healthcare providers to be the fix that has been missing for those in our profession. Upon enrollment, you will be backed by my ‘Healthier & Happier Guarantee.’ If you follow the program from start to finish as intended and do not see the results I’ve promised, I’ll still be there for you. I will continue to work with you personally for as long as it takes to get you happier and healthier, at no cost to you. Or, if you prefer, I will buy you another support program of equal or lesser value. Either way, the choice is yours. Remember, you do not need to make any financial commitment until we’ve had a chance to connect via a free Healthy Healer Strategy Call. Click below to select a time to connect with me.

Q: Who is ‘The Healthy Healer Program’ for?

A: The Healthy Healer Program is for physicians, PA’s, NP’s, and other healthcare providers who are tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out, and are searching for health, happiness, balance, and boundaries, personally and professionally.

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Of course, you will also gain tools to set and reach your goals, work smarter versus harder, and rejuvenate and improve your relationships so you can return to the clinic more confident than ever and ready to continue making changes for the better.

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