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up to $40,000 or more in uncompensated time per year

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For Healthcare Providers (MD, DO, PA, NP) and other clinicians (PT, OT, therapists, dentists, therapists, and more)

Break Up With Pajama Charting;

Decrease after-hours charting by up to 2 hours per day!

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Past Events:

Women's Restore & Rejuvenate Retreat

for Healthcare Providers

April 28-30, 2023

in Lincoln City, Oregon

Transformative Rituals;

Boost Energy & Strengthen Your Body in as Little as 10 Minutes Per Day

April 2024

In-Person Session

Salem, OR

Vision Board Workshop;

Create Clarity & Focus

January 2024

In-Person Session

Salem, OR

Welcome, My Fellow Healthcare Provider

I am Dr. Erin Hurley… as a Physician and Well-being/Performance Coach, I help Physicians, healthcare providers, and professionals like you overcome burnout, achieve balance, and live a life you love at work and at home.

No clinic, practice, or medical director will do this for you. You must do it for yourself.

Keep scrolling to discover how I can help you find health, happiness, and harmony despite the demands of work and family, and the impact of the current chaotic state of our world.

What Other Healthcare Providers Are Saying…

There is so much that Erin helped me figure out. One of the top things is clarity. When I started working with Erin, I was just trying to survive. Working with Erin has helped me figure out my goals, align my daily priorities with those goals, and fit those into my current circumstances.

She helped me realize and accept I am not the same Caitlin who used to be able to work 14 hours a day and then run 3 miles at the end of the day for Airforce physical fitness. I can’t get by on that little sleep anymore. and we have our son who needs our time and attention. She helped me get clear on that.

Erin helped me realize how poorly I was treating my body. Recognizing I need more sleep now if I’m going to be more effective during the day, and that my body is meant to move and stretch.

Dr. Caitlin V.

The strength and clarity Erin has gained through her own personal coaching journey has been inspirational to me, making the decision to sign on with Transformational Doc an easy one. I can't put into words how working with Erin has helped me navigate these challenging times in my life. I have more clarity and direction in both my personal and professional life and am able to recognize and embrace my personal strengths and weaknesses. The friendships I have gained along the way have made me realize I am not alone.

Kate M. FNP

Title/Info Here If Applicable

You have been such an immense help to me during what I hope to have been the hardest time of my life.

Dr. Raquel A.

Book Your Free ‘Healthy Healer Strategy Call’

To Get One-on-One Tailored Support

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