About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Erin Hurley…

Physician and Well-being/Performance Coach.

I help Physicians, PA’s, NP’s, and other healthcare providers like you overcome burnout, achieve balance, and live a life you love at work and at home thanks to my science-backed support system, ‘The Happy, Healthy Healer.’

The truth is, work used to dominate my life.

I was burnt out and felt stuck in a never-ending cycle of too much work and too little enjoyment in life. I tried typical remedies like self-help books and other solutions made for the general population in hopes of overcoming the lack of work-life balance in a healthcare career .

I found typical solutions fall short because they fail to understand and adapt to the unique demands of our profession.

It took me 20 years to stop the cycle of unnecessary self-sacrifice for my career, and start prioritizing needed care and attention to myself and my family. And I have managed to do it, without feeling guilty or letting my work suffer. The reality is, I now consistently show up better than ever, at work and at home.

I have become the professional, parent, and person I always wanted to be.

And with my support, you can too.

Let’s Talk About You

Do you constantly feel stressed and anxious?

Does stress follow you home and affect those around you?

Are you overwhelmed and overworked?

Does work take the best out of you, day in and day out?

Are you tired of being tired?

Not only do exhaustion and fatigue lead to burnout at work, they impact how you show up for your family, friends, and the people around you.

Are you unhappy?

You did not put in the blood, sweat, and tears throughout your medical training and your current practice to live life like this, did you?

Do you feel stuck or trapped?

Does it feel like you can’t do anything about your situation, and you are a victim in your own life?

Do you lack boundaries?

Perhaps it feels like work has the right to interrupt your life at any time, to consume you, even when you are off the clock, having family time, or on vacations.

What Sets

‘The Happier, Healthier Healer’ System Apart

Created by a healthcare provider, for healthcare providers.

It is tailored to the unique demands of our profession.

It fits into your schedule.

Rather than requiring more time of you, it creates more time for you.

It changes your perspective and your outcomes.

For example, did you know you have the choice to say “no,” or that your self-care affects the care you give to your patients?

It mends broken relationships and creates lasting balance and bandwidth.

This is not about being better at work or at home. It will make you better at work and at home.

It empowers and energizes you.

Instead of sacrificing more of yourself for everyone else, I will show you how to systematically put your health and happiness first, without feeling guilty, sacrificing quality of care, or falling behind.

It makes you a better person and professional.

I am proof of this, as are the other healthcare professionals who have trusted this system.

The bottom line is, if you want change, you must change.

Do not wait to rediscover your happiness and health, and become a better, more balanced healer.

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